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Why Use An Expert?

Why Wouldn't You Use an Expert?

This is one of the most important investments of your career. So, why use an expert? The same reason Fortune 500 companies and small businesses worldwide use experts to market themselves! Their experts are called advertising agencies.

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Free Consultation

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Your successful job search is just a call away. You want the process of ordering your new résumé to be simple, easy, and straight forward. Begin by calling (916) 801-3135 for a free consultation. Are you ready to get started?

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Let's Get Started

A process designed to produce powerful résumés. We know your time is important, so the process of preparing your résumé can be done from the comfort of your own home or workplace.  That is because we work with clients locally, nationally and worldwide from a virtual office setting.  You DO NOT need to come to an office.

A Résumé Written by The Résumé Specialists is the Best Investment in Your Career

Resume Writing Services

Résumé Writing Services

All résumés and cover letters are not equal.  To secure the ideal position, you need a powerful, strategically developed résumé and cover letter that will open doors.  The Résumé Specialists create dynamic résumés.


Résumés That Produce Results

Your career is important to you and we are dedicated to your successful job search. The Résumé Specialists will prepare a résumé that will generate interviews and help you secure your new job.

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The Résumé Specialists have been THE leading provider of résumé writing, job search assistance, interview preparation and related career development services for individuals worldwide since 1979.